SATs Booster Classes


Starting week beginning 21st September!

This group is for children who will be in Year 6  in September and will be taking their SATs in May 2021. The classes are small, friendly and supportive so that each child is able to fulfil their potential.

These sessions will focusing on developing techniques that will help them answer SATs questions quickly and correctly so that they can maximise their time and the marks they gain.

My method is based on lots of varied activities and encouragement so that children enjoy and fully engage in the sessions.

These sessions are limited to six children (*minimum of 3 children).

Each session lasts 45 minutes and takes place on Zoom.

Course Content and Dates


During the Autumn term we focus on:

  • Maths reasoning questions: looking at the question, the correct answer, and how to go about answering each type of question.
  • Arithmetic techniques and practice
  • Key reading comprehension skills including how to nail the three mark questions
  • Developing grammar and punctuation techniques
  • Expanding vocabulary and spelling knowledge

£17 per session


What’s Included

Small Classes

I teach small friendly classes of no more than six children. I can give each child individual attention where required. There is also a real sense of camaraderie as everyone is in the same boat, working towards the same goal. The children make firm friendships too!



Weekly homework forms an essential part of the course. It will usually take about 30 minutes to complete each week. I use Loom to send children the homework so it is easily accessible and can be sent straight back to me to check.  Any misconceptions are addressed in the next session through a starter activity.

Online Classroom

I teach all lessons online in a secure room in Zoom. Online tuition is a superb way of learning. It offers more flexibility for parents and is less stressful for the pupil. It is a super way of teaching as I can share and send materials straightaway.


The cost of group tuition is less than half that of one-to-one tuition with me. It’s an excellent investment in your child’s future. Payment plans are available.

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