What I Do

I am passionate about fostering a love of learning that will boost their confidence and enable them to achieve their potential.

My Philosophy

I believe that every child can reach their full potential.  It just takes time, patience and finding the missing piece to their learning puzzle.

My Methods

Drawing on an extensive bank of materials, I tailor the tuition to suit your child’s strengths and areas for developments.

Sessions are fun and interactive and I use a variety of resources to help facilitate their learning.   Each session begins with a retrieval activity to ensure that prior learning is being revisited and most importantly retained.

I place a strong emphasis on activities that encourage talk as this is an excellent way to unpick misconceptions and cement learning.

Questions are encouraged and mistakes always built on.

My Goals

My aim is to make what can sometimes feel impossible become possible, even enjoyable. 
My deep hope is that I will have inspired a love of learning and a ‘can do’ attitude that will last into the future.

Learning Club

Is your child baffled by fractions? Do they need to make their writing more creative?

The small group classes offered in my Learning Club are perfect for them! Throughout the academic year, I will be running small group sessions that focus on the key areas of the Maths and English curriculum.

These classes are designed to complement the learning that they do at school.

SATs Booster Classes

This group is for children who will be in Year 6  in September and will be taking their SATs in May 2021.

This is an intensive course to thoroughly prepare children for their SATs. It will cover Arithmetic, Reasoning, SPAG and Reading skills.

The classes are small, friendly and supportive so that each child is able to fulfil their potential.

One to One Sessions

Does your child need a boost to their confidence or support to unlock their potential?

If so, my one to one sessions are ideal for them!  One-to-one tuition is brilliant for children who may lack confidence or who prefer a more focused way of learning.

Each session will be designed to go at your child's pace and can be further tailored as new needs are identified.

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