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I’m Claire Noyce and I am passionate about helping children unlock their true potential.

With over 7 years experience tutoring and teaching Primary School children, I have considerable experience across KS1 and KS2. During this time, I have created a method of learning that supports children to build strategies that they can transfer to numerous topics across the curriculum.

My aim with each session is to boost their confidence and give them the opportunity to ask all the questions they don’t manage to ask in class.

I thrive on finding new ways and activities to help children understand topics that have previously left them muddled.  Those “lightbulb” moments are fantastic to witness!

Offering  tuition online has enabled me to share my expertise and reach more pupils.  It is a superb way to learn as it offers more flexibility, saves time as no travelling is involved, and is so much easier for parents. I’ve also discovered it really helps pupils to stay organised as work can be emailed and lessons recorded: it’s hard to lose homework this way too!

I have two children myself. Consequently, I have a first-hand understanding of how stressful learning can be when they feel that they just don’t get it. However, I truly believe that patience and tailored support really does enable a child to fulfil their potential.

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Address: 184 Green Lane

Shepperton, TW17 8DZ

Phone: 07984 717797

Email: claire@clairesclassroom2020.co.uk

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